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Welcome to my ARDF-receiver website!
Here you will find up-to-date information about my processor-controlled ARDF-receivers.
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these are homebrew-projects.
Dear ARDF-Friends,

over the last 13 years I have developed a family of state-of-the-art ARDF-receivers and -transmitters, and I have published the results on this website. I have supported several hundred YLs and OMS with PCBs and parts for these projects. That was a lot of fun, but also very time-consuming. I wanted to have more time for my own projects, and therefore since 2011 I do not sell PCBs and parts for my ARDF-projects any more.
But my website is still up, and I maintain it regularly. And thanks to the intiative of some ARDF friends all parts and PCBs are still available, see here.
If you have questions or comments please send me an Email:
March 2018                 Nick Roethe  DF1FO
2m Receiver  2m     80m Receiver  80m  
Browse or download the detailled Documentation  (doc-Format, 3,2 MB, Update October 07)
The  Assembler-Sourcecode Version 4.4 , browse with wordpad or load into AVR Studio 4 (December 2008)
Fotos and descriptions (in German) of many versions of this receiver in the Gallery Part 1 Part 2 and  Part 3 .
2m-Receiver using SMD components
This is an advanced version of my 2m receiver, using modern components. 
Browse or download the detailled Documentation  (doc-Format2 MB, September 10)
Some Fotos in the  2m-SMD-Gallery
The Assembler-Sourcecode FJRX24  (90 kB, June 10)

Description of my 80m Receiver Version 4  (doc, 3,8MB, October 10)
Some  Fotos the 80m Gallery
The  Assembler-Sourcecode, browse with wordpad or load into AVR Studio 4 (October 10)

80m-Receiver using SMD components
This is an advanced version of my 80m receiver, using modern components.

Description of my 80m Receiver Version 5  using SMD components (doc, 2,5MB, October 16)
Some thoughts on going for the Maximum
Fotos in the 80m-SMD-Gallery 
The Assembler-Sourcecode FJRX85 (80 kB, September 17)

Documentation for RigExpert versions
   FoxRex 3500  FoxRex 3500     FoxRex 144  FoxRex 144

Commercial versions of my 2m- and 80m-SMD-receivers were manufactured by the Ukrainian company RigExpert and sold by several hamradio outlets (from 2017 til about 2019).
Manuals (in English) FoxRex 3500 Manual and FoxRex 144 Manual, additional information in my documents FoxRex 3500 Inside and
FoxRex 144 Inside

Much more information in German on these and other ARDF projects can be found on my German homepage
If your German is a bit rusty, try translate.google.com!